Every game i play in fullscreen gets locked to a max of 60fps!

I recently updated my Acer laptop (Aspire V3-574G_098A_1_27) to a 'beta' version of windows. At the start i did have a few problems with nvidia graphics, like it didnt display anything apart from a black or white screen. After a different update my nvidia gpu started 'rendering' again, but the fps is now worse then intel hd graphics!
Even worse is that games in fullscreen get locked at 60fps max (1 thing i find interesting is that i can lower csgo to as low as 59, it wont go beyond. It happpens only to csgo, for example rocket league will run even at 2). Also i tried everything:
- uninstalling xbox app
- reinstalling drivers
- etc
Any help would be appreciated!
I dont wanna rollback tho, unless its inevitable...
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  1. Sounds like V-Sync is enabled
  2. sizzling said:
    Sounds like V-Sync is enabled

    I disabled it on nvidia and every game. Nothing helped so far.
  3. And yes it is a 60hz monitor, its a laptop
  4. what "beta" version of windows are you talking about?
  5. getochkn said:
    what "beta" version of windows are you talking about?

    From the windows insider programme
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