How Many Power-On-Hours Does a Hard Drive Usually Last?

I am just curious as to the average life span of a hard drive. I have defraggler open in the PC my parents use. It is an old Dell PC with Windows XP, and a Single-Core AMD CPU. It has a 80 GB Samsung HD080HJ/P Hard Drive in it. Defraggler says the drive is in good health and has a temperature of 40 Degrees Celsius. Here is some of the info it gives about the drive.

Spin-Up Time: 4416 ms
Start/Stop Count: 7,947
Power-On-Hours (POH): 2831d 8h
Power Cycle Count: 4,183

That is almost 8 years of Power On Time. I'm quite certain this is the original hard drive that came with the PC. How many hours is the most you have seen on a hard drive? Is this one about to go ka-poot? If you have any questions about this PC, comment and I will answer them! So, how many hours have you seen on a HDD?
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    I have one in a office machine I built for a law firm in 2004 that has only ever been off if the power has gone down for more than 2 hours. If i ever end up back there I'll try to remember to look it up. I'd suspect it's easily in the 3800+ days range
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  2. My current hard drive is starting to fail at 3042d 14h(little over 8 1/4 years), and i cant get another one for at least a month :(
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