Windows won't boot from my SSD, cant get passed bios

I'm having an issue getting my computer to boot from my new ssd. I've tried all kinds of different things to pin point the problem but this exceed my somewhat limited knowledge.

I recently did a new build. I loaded windows onto my HDD since I had not bought my sdd yet. Once I had my SSD, I plugged it in and it was being recognized by the bios and it loaded in disk management. I cloned the hard drive with windows and copied it to the SSD after I formatted it. Finally I wanted to boot windows from the SSD but when I unplugged the HDD and tried to boot it I can't get passed the bios.

I'll take all the help I can get!
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  1. Cloning doesn't work well. Do a fresh install.
  2. What software did you use to the clone the HDD to the SSD? Did you clone ALL the partitions on the HDD to the SSD? If you didn't clone the boot partition, it definitely won't boot. Last, did you go into the bios to set the boot drive to the SSD?
  3. harrisjb78 said:
    Cloning doesn't work well.
    Cloning works pretty well, if you do it right.
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    Aaron_134 said:
    I'll take all the help I can get!

    Boot from windows installation media,
    go to command prompt,
    execute these commands and post result:
  5. Most people don't do it right :)

    Scott had a good point - make sure the SSD is selected in BIOS as the boot device.
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