Xbox 360 Wired Controller Win 10 Setup Issues.

2nd time creating this question..

Ok here goes:

Problem: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller connected via Wireless Charging Cable does not show as connected on Windows 10 pc.

The Wireless Charging Connection Pack and Charge Kit driver is listed under Device Drivers when the controller is connected.

All I get is the green circle flashing when pressing the xbox 360 button on the controller, it just never "connects" to the pc. It's like it isn't syncing.

Occurs with both controllers that I have when connected, I don't have access to xbox 360 anymore to test controllers on one.

Tried installing the Win7 Wired Controller Drivers.
Don't get an unidentified object listed under device manager.
Don't get anything listed under USB Controller Pad manager. ie joy.cpl

One obvious missing component. There's no battery pack connected to the controller. Do you think this could be the cause? Or should the controller work regardless?

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    Hi Goliht - I'm working off of my XBOX One controller knowledge here.
    As I've heard the wireless charging cable needs a battery or a pack in order for it to work. It won't work without it. The same is for my controller - it cannot play over the charge cable alone.
    If if is the original wired controller, then it will be Plug and Play by default since both power and data travel over USB. I'm assuming in this case you have a wireless controller that you're trying to use as a wired connection through the charging cable.
  2. Yeh I'm thinking that to complete the circuit I will need a battery pack that this is the reason why I can't get it to work.

    Just realised that in the original post it should read "wireless controller, connected via wireless charging cable"
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