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Hey bro urgent help going to buy a new gpu.tomorrow Gtx1050
I have 3 ghz dual core. And 4 gb ram and yes i cant change my cpu my specs will be same as above and.just wannaa ask that will bottleneck affect my pc?? Will it be. Damaged?
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  1. It won't get damaged, your GPU will simply won't work at its full potential with the CPU you have. It should still be an improvement over the integrated graphics you're probably using right now.

    What are your full pc specs? it may be required for you to first upgrade your BIOS before your system can recognize your new GPU.
  2. I got. 4 gb ram and e5700 3 ghz dual core cpu and planning to buy gtx 1050 performance reduce is ok to me just ensure me that it will not damage:(
  3. You are correct in assuming the GPU would not behave as benchmarks suggests with your current rig.
    But to assume it would somehow got damage from such weak tandem is quite far fetched. The GPU will chug along just fine.
  4. Plz bro easy English if possible xD u mean i can just install it, it will not perform that good but also not cause any damage right? Just dont want any kind of damage and yes can u tell me expected fps in cs go and yes. Psu required for gtx 1050. Ty
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    Yes, just install it properly and see the magic happening to your old rig.

    Expect framerates sustained somewhere beyond 60FPS at everything max. Even the older 750Ti with a mere E5400 at stock and an even older 2x2GB DDR2 RAM can manage beyond 80FPS.

    For the PSU, basically any PSU at 350watt as minimum and certified 80 or better.
  6. Huge respect to u boss :) u made my day and yes i got 450 w enough xD ty bro luv u:)
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