hello everybody does gtx 1050ti or (none ti) still working on 290watt in my power supply

my specs

i3 4150 3.50ghz

4gb ram ddr3 1600mhz

power supply:dell optiplex 3020 290watt 80 silver

750gb hdd

pls answer me fatser
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  1. There's a : (colon) before the D in Dell in your thread... So it made an emoji instead of saying Dell.

    Anyways, I don't see why this shouldn't work. As long as you don't get some aftermarket overclocking card with a 6-pin on it, you'll be fine. Go for one of these:,8fx9TW,NndFf7/

    They're all about the same, I guess just get whichever one appeals to your sense of aesthetics.
  2. If you purchased the ones that doesn't have any power pin slots you'd be fine. I guesstimate your entire rig only sips up to 150-180watt under full load. Since its a build up system, I don't think there are too many fans than necessary either.

    Besides, the 1050 Ti and non Ti are at expected TDP of 75watts. For example, the GTX750Ti are slightly below that at 65watt and it can even run on an even worse PSU than yours, wattage and efficiency wise.
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    You'll need a new PSU, 290W simply isn't enough. (Remember, you want at LEAST 50W of headroom on any power suppily.)

    I suggest you upgrade to a 450W (500-550W preferably), at the bare minimum.
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