So last night i tried to turn on my PC and there is a "CPU Fan error!" on boot. But it will only say this for 5-10 second then it will shut it self down (i think it does this to protect the CPU from overheating). Although i can get into my BIOS for a quick second to see my CPU is at 50 degrees. I have a H100i v2 and both fans are spinning, the LED on the part connected to the CPU is on and i can hear the radiator functioning. Also i triple checked the wres to make sure they are all plugged in and they are. There is a decent amount of thermal paste and both the CPU and the cooler, but i am going to buy some more and reapply it. PLEASE HELP
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  1. Mobo gives CPU fan error warning when it detects that cpu fan is not spinning. This can be caused because the fan indeed has failed (and you wrote its not), but also when motherboard sensor fails. You can easily test the latter: connect 4-pin case fan to CPU_FAN header (for short test only!) and boot. If you get the same warning, most likely motherboard sensor is the problem.
    I am however a bit surprised it shuts down so quickly. What motherboard do you have?
  2. " I have tryed plugging in my case fan and i didnt get the error message. Though i have fixed that my PC is still shutting off. I think it is because the pump in my cooler may be broken, or i need to reapply thermal paste. Also my MoBo is a ASUS M5A99X EVO r2.0 "

    Well, thermal paste has nothing to do with that warning. Looks like you have problem with cooler. That CPU temp of 50 degrees was in Celcius or Farenhait?
  3. I have the same problem with my kraken x52...2 hours after a perfect run..great temps etc my pc went to sleep and upon waking it it froze....now i have the exact same problem....i can get rid of the error yet it still shuts down although it almost reaches the desktop. I plugged both radiator fans into cpu_opt and cpu_fan and the pump into the pump header....thats the only config that clears the error! But i cannot stay in bios long enough to set it to ignore and switch to pwm....how did you fix yours? If you did or did you have to rma it? Any help much appreciated
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