evga gtx 1060 sc 3gb overclocking results lower than default

hey guys,
this is my first time trying to overclock so im a noob
i oced my evga gtx 1060 3gb to 1737 gpu clock (1607mhz default) and memory to 2017 mhz (2002mhz)

i did run stress test on EVGA oc scanner and i stopped when the gpu temp reached 89c. here are the results and the overclocking seems stable to me

but what im surprised at are the results as the default values are giving more fps than the overclocked values on Valley Benchmark 1.0

after OC

before OC
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  1. How did you overclock it?
    How is your case cooling?

    Try letting it run all the way through and see what score it gives.
    Then run it again with the side cover of the computer case off.
  2. i overclocked it with MSI afterburner and my case cover is already off.
  3. No I meant what steps did you take?

    Did you let it run?
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