can i connect MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X to old vga monitor?

The monitor which i have is this http://
with a dvi to vga adapter can i connect my new gpu to old monitor?
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  1. Yes you can connect it. But I recommend to use a HDMI to VGA adaptor. Why did you want to connect a 1070 in 768p old monitor. Then not worth having a 1070.
  2. Yes, usually GPUs come with a DVI-D to VGA adapter in the box, they are also available though Ebay and Amazon for cheap anyway.
  3. @cyberblade well for now i have to settle down on my 768p monitor due to my budget :( but later I'm going to buy a 1440p or 4k monitor
  4. so it should work right?
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    Then it will be good. No problem. You can connect your 768p monitor with your 1070 with an hdmi to vga adaptor. It will work. Good luck.
  6. Thank you :)
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