What does Power % mean in MSI afterburner?

lately i started paying attention to anything other than my temps alone in MSI afterburner (probably a grave oversight for 5 years of using my pc, but i am completely self taught, so i had no idea), which i use to control my fans (otherwise my PC overheats because the fans don't come on correctly? which is a question for another day) and realized that very frequently is the power % getting to 99% when gaming.

i have a gtx 680 that's about 5 years old now that has always pumped out maximum graphics for me at 40-120fps, which is fine for me, but it wouldn't be outrageous for it to start dying at this point. i'm wondering if the power % is from that or the PSU, because if it's the PSU that's quite worrying considering i have an 800w cooler master that should run a little 680 with ease. it's also 5 years old, but i have another topic about that.

now that i've explained why i need the information, what's the power % mean in msi afterburner? psu usage, or gpu usage? i assume it's psu but i can't find any solid information right now to soothe my fears of actually drawing that much power from my psu.

i do NOT mean power limit %.
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  1. It the maximum power the GPU draws.

    Your PSU would in no way ever be overloaded by your 680.
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    yes the % is how much psu power if restricted assigned to power the video card... 100% is normal

    if your using custom fan speed, you need to read the graph properly and not make the curve too steep... I run a 970 and I have mine with the following points in the curve move at 40% @ 30c, 50% @ 60c, 80% @ 80c, and 100% @ 85c., with rare exceptions, it runs at 50-65c while gaming, yes it may mean you hear the fan, personally prefer to hear the fan than throttled in my games or have a broken video card.
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