Need help deciding what to do for a cable modem/wireless router for Timewarner

So I'm planning to switch ISP's from ATT to Time warner cable spectrum. I want to get opinions on if I should buy my own modem and wireless router, or just use the modem they provide and just buy a wireless router. Also would like to know opinions on which modem or router I should buy. We have many devices connected to our wifi, using the internet in my home at once.
The goal of this is to avoid paying a monthly rental fee for garbage equipment that they provide.
I believe the modem Timewarner will provide a cable modem for free but I don't know if it's adequate enough. I also know that If i choose to use their wirless router they'll charge a 5$ monthly fee and I'm fairly positive that all routers isp's provide are garbage.

The main reason I'm switching is due to a data cap att has placed on us, and they're pretty much gonna start overcharging us buy an extreme amount, and I'm just gonna switch before they do.
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  1. You should look on their recommended list, and buy one of those.
  2. If they provide the modem for free I would take it. Modems are pretty simplistic. The main difference is the number of down and up channels they support. I am sure they will provide one that matches their system. In most case they use arris/motorola devices which tend to be quality devices.

    A router is a different story. I would still get a modem separate from the router. This leaves you more option for what router you get. There are so many feature on routers it hard to say what would be important.
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    Since TimeWarner turned over to spectrum they give free modem rental now, so you can just use the provided one.
    I would at least try out their free modem. Worst case scenario they are garbage and you can get a zoom 5345 modem for around $50.
    The one downside to using your own modem is that will then be the go-to excuse for why your intenret is broken any time you have to talk to tech support.

    Router is a different story, their provided ones are garbage.
    If you have many devices then I suggest a half decent router. One of the best deals right now is a TM-AC1900 for $81 from amazon.
    THis is a $150 ASUS AC68U with some tmobile branding and firmware on it but will work just the same as a normal router and has the same radios, same dual core cpu, same board as the more expensive model. If you are savy enough to have flashed routers before and used putty then removing the stock t-mobile firmware and modifying it to run asus firmware and then installing asus merlin is fairly easy to do as well.
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