USB devices not visible in device manager, mouse only working in BIOS

I was installing new drivers to a device, I uninstalled USB 2.0 drivers and I couldn't get them back on. I did a fresh Windows install because I couldn't figure out how to fix that and it still doesn't work.
Basically - mouse is only working in BIOS, during Windows installation touchpad worked no problem and mouse had a delay and it wasn't working properly. In windows USB doesn't work at all, only touchpad to navigate.
I have Dell laptop, 3 USBs. Device manager doesn't have any USB device. The only USB devices that are there is Inter USB 3.0 eXtensible with installed driver and an unknown device (USB hub 3.0) with not installed device that I couldn't find.
USB is turned on in BIOS.
What could be the issue? How can I fix that?
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  1. using the dell recovery disk? what is the exact model of the dell laptop?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    using the dell recovery disk? what is the exact model of the dell laptop?

    Inspiron 5759. I didn't use the recovery disk, but I did fresh windows reinstall (format).
  3. Post a screen shot of device manager.
    see if they let you create a windows recovery disk to reinstall
  5. I managed to fix it. I basically found usb 3.0 hub drivers (Couldn't find dell, downloaded Asus) and installed them by manually choosing the location for the IUSB3.0 device and it's working alright right now.
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