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So i bought Star Citizen like a year ago played it and had low fps problems. then decided to take a one year break to see if an update would fix the fps issue. i get about 10-15 fps in all zones except hangar.

Fix's i have tried:
-custom config
-lower the graphics ingame
-update all drivers
-unparked cpu's

-AMD FX-9370
-Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
-16G DDR3
-GeForce GTX970
-SSD 250gb 850 EVO
-Windows 10 Pro

i was told that it might be netcode problem i just wanted to confirm whether or not it is.
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  1. Played any other games?
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  2. RCFProd said:
    Played any other games?

    yea none of my other games lag this is the only one i have had this problem with.
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  3. There is a really good performance guide here:
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    That guide looks really good!

    Reason you are having low fps everywhere else than in your hangar, is because the hangar is your own local server so to say. Any other gamemode will put you on a remote server.
    I briefly read the guide, but messing with TCP settings seems a bit overkill and unnecessary if you ask me. I have a fiber conection with insane response times, and i can tell you that performance/fps is directly linked to the amount of players on the server. Some days it runs ok with not alot of people online. Other nights when crowded, its impossible to get more than 15 fps.
    This was a huge disappointment for me when i bought my new rig some months ago.
    It's something they dont address alot sadly...

    "The Star Citizen mini-PU servers are mostly Server bound when it comes to performance, hence why you sometimes only get 20fps but also the lack of regional servers can also lead to some Latency, poor Pings & Round Trip Times. Setting and Tweaking your Network Settings can help a lot."
    He even says it lies externally, so why fiddle with this i don't know... did i miss something?

    Next time i wanna play SC ill try the guide, it has a lot covered.
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  5. This is just Star Citizen at the moment they haven't worked much on Optimization yet. Should be coming in the next major updates (3.0) if im not mistake along with moving to the Vulkan API which should be good. In the hangar and such i get 60 FPS too but in the Universe it's terrible (30 FPS tops) for everyone no matter your hardware. For reference i use an i7-6700K @ 4.5 GHz, 16GB DDR4, SSD and R9 390X 8GB also OC'd and i only get 20-30 FPS most the time in the Universe. My clanmate running an i7-5820K, 32GB RAM and 2x GTX 1080 is the same performance as is another with low i5-4690, 8GB RAM and GTX 960. Just give it sometime not much you can do atm. It's an issue on the Server's side not your own. :)
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