Looking to upgrade GPU from r7 240 to Gtx 1050ti or Rx 470/480 possibly?

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to PC gaming so my apologies if I come off unclear or I use some incorrect terminology here lol.

My current specs are (i5-2400 3.1ghz Sandy bridge, 16gb ram with an r7 240 gpu). I want to be able to run Overwatch and some newer games at a consistent 60fps @ 1080p. From the information I've gathered so far, the only thing I'd need to upgrade is my GPU. The 1050ti and RX470/480 seem to be the best options

My only concerns are - Would my current setup be compatible with one of those? And which one would you guys recommend? Maybe there's a better option outside of the ones I've listed.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Make sure your power supply has a extra pcie power connector(6 pin) if you get the rx470 or 480 it will need it. Newegg has had a couple rx470 for around 140 after mir.
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