Wait for 8th Gen Intel Processors?

I'm building a PC sometime in the second half of 2017, and I was wondering if I should wait for the 8th Gen processors or go with the 7700K.
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    2H will be Skylake-X/Kaby Lake-X with the new LGA 2066 core i7 7740k, that might be worth it to you.
  2. Is Ryzen not an option? I would wait to see what AMD comes up with when they release 6 and 4 core cpus. Their 8 core chips are doing really well.

    If you are ready to build and you want to go with intel, just go for it now. Intel's performance improvements have been minimal and it is generally not worth the wait. The only exception is if you are considering AMD but do not want an 8 core (wait for their next release)
  3. Skylake-E will be out later part of this year supposedly.

    Intel's last die shrink, Broadwell, was massively delayed, so much that it never even made it to the desktop market. I wouldn't hold out for the new desktop chips if you want to build this year.
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