Building 1st pc to play LoL and overwatch

Hi guys! So i'm building my first pc and i have some questions for yall..

1- if I want to play league and overwatch at max settings with at least 60 fps, which gpu should i get? (Gtx 970, 1050, 1050 ti, 1060, 1070... I want it to last, but I don't want to pay for something that I don't need)

2- if i have 100 fps when I play and I have a 60 hz monitor... will it be the same as if I have 60 fps? I read that it's still smoother but I don't understand why? Is it really worth to pay 300$ for a 144hz monitor? Should i buy a monitor with low "ms" instead?

3- it's a little stupid but... when you buy the parts.. do they give you screws and stuff to assemble it or you have to buy it separately?
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  1. 1 - You should already be pretty good for ultra on 1080p/60fps with a GTX 950 or higher and R9 280. I suppose anything from the current GPU gen will run it. Note though that Blizzard games tend to be rather CPU intensive.

    2 - Yes and No. If you have 100 fps you'll mostly have 100 fps, but in graphic intensive encounters (full team fights for instance) that will likely drop. For an optimal experience you want to stay above 60 fps in all circumstances (which is why benchmarks generally show average and minimum fps). Then there's concepts like frame stability (of which I currently can't remember the actual term), but you shouldn't worry about that yet.

    3 - Yeah, they give you all the accessories (unless you get it second hand from a shop in a Thai back street of course). There are extra things you might want to get though that are not included, velcro for cable management or smthg.
  2. Ok thanks :) so there's no need to have a 1050 ti or a 1060? Even if i want ro have 60+fps on max settings?

    Which cpu would you suggest?
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