I7 6700k + sli 1070 low fps on h1z1

Hi all,

I hope I'm not the only one having this problem so far if anyone could help me out I appreciate.

What i currently have on my pc right now:
Motherboard - Gigabyte z170 atx gaming3 lga1151
GPU - Asus Geforce ROG strix 1070 sli with asus 1070 founder
CPU - I7 6700k currently at 4.0hz
PSU - 750w evga 80 gold plus
Ram - hyperx 16gb (2x8gb) 2133mhz
I use water cooling h100i v2
My monitor aoc 27inch 60hz and i use hdmi

I try to low my h1z1 game setting to low but still it give me 71fps on city and about 100 outside, thats the lowest setting i can go, but compare to my friend who also have 1070 i7 6700k basically same to mine but he get 140fps on city. I try everything i could and still cant find a solution to it. On csgo I get 180-220fps on 8vs8 map, I also have another Pc that I used to have I run i7 4790k with 970 and get even better fps than my i7 6700k with sli 1070 right now lol.
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  1. Could be SLI. Many games don't do well with SLI, which would explain why your friend gets better FPS.
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    As you have a friend with basically the same setup I would compare your cpu and gpu usage to his. Is he overclocking his cpu? I believe H1Z1 benefits from higher clock speeds based on what I have read.
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