Expert Gaming Build Advice Needed!

Hey i have a build that i would like an experienced pc builder/expert to review and give some feedback on anything that i should switch or change.
i will be using a hdd and ssd from my current build.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Killer build Congrats.
  2. Four stars. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

    There's only one thing I would change. I would change the CPU cooler to one in the Cryorig A40 series. These coolers also offer a 280mm radiator. The reason for this is because it will help keep your VRMs cool. Normal AiO coolers starve the socket for airflow that would normally be provided by a CPU air cooler. The Cryorig A40 series puts a small fan on the waterblock at the socket, this provides said socket airflow.

    @SR-71 Blackbird Wow. Such enthusiasm for Zen. The flashing is kinda distracting though. Nonetheless, it's really cool. I like it.
  3. Finally! About time somebody actually built a solid, balanced build with no corners cut. Great job.
  4. Karadjgne said:
    Finally! About time somebody actually built a solid, balanced build with no corners cut. Great job.

    I agree.

    @BuzinBee, What I said above about switching the cooler is just my personal preference. Your motherboard has good VRM cooling and shouldn't suffer with your current cooler, but I always like to provide as much airflow as possible to vital components. Call me old fashioned, but even in liquid cooled builds, I still recommend good socket airflow.
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    Airflow is important. Moreso for liquid cooled pc's, but only where it concerns the VRM's as weberdarren pointed out. But, if there is decent airflow, this affect is mitigated. Cryorigs answer was a pump mounted mini fan. Most paranoid ppl will zip tie a small fan to the backend of the hdd cage. Me, neither. I've had my 3770k to 4.9GHz on my kraken x61 without issue. Airflow is sufficient. Just 2 intakes and the kraken as exhaust provides a rising airflow right over the VRM's heatsinks. Most times, overheated VRM's are the result of pitiful airflow in a cramped or ratty case. Keep it neat, clean build with minimal airflow restrictions and you shouldn't have any issues at all.
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