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So I live in the UK and I'm planning on buying a gaming/video editing laptop from PCspecialist for college. The laptop will cost £949 and will have an i7 7700hq, a GTX 1050ti, a 256gb M.2 (as I have a HDD from an old machine) as well as 16gb ram. Now I know that will play most if not all games however I still have money left over in my budget. Do I A) Buy more ram and a large SSD/additional drive? B) Buy an XBox One S/PS4? C) Buy a Nintendo Switch? I know that might seem like a strange comparison but do you think that the gaming capabilities of the laptop will negate the need for an Xbox meaning the switch is a good idea? Or is, for example, the switch a bad investment altogether? Any help is much appreciated.
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    The XBOX is definitely meaningless as a choice, since more and more xbox exclusives are showing up on the windows store.

    Are you planning on editing console videos?
    A 1050ti is a pretty good GPU, and will let you PLAY any game you want (not on especially high specs always).

    PS4 has some okay exclusive titles, but you'll have to justify if their worth the price of a console as well.
    A side benefit of a PS4 is you can also remotely play the games on it from your laptop with the PS4 controller plugged into the laptop. it's over the internet so theres a small delay, so maybe don't play battlefield or bloodborne/darksouls.

    And a switch has the most uniqueness about it, as well as the most exclusive titles as well.
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