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I dropped my laptop the other day while it was on and it broke a little on the outside but i was able to snap it back together. It was working fine for a few hours then would no longer boot and would BSOD. After windows automatic repair failed to start after 10 minuets i just ordered an ssd and installed windows on it. The hard drive has important data on it that i need to recover but i cant access it from my other computer.

I tried plugging the drive into my desktop via sata but that would cause my pc not to boot properly, so then i tried plugging it in after the computer was already booted and i could see and access the recovery partition but nit the main windows partition. Is there any way i can recover my data?
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    yes, send it to profession recovery sevice
  2. rgd1101 said:
    yes, send it to profession recovery sevice

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