Does the H110m work on G4560 CPU?

I want to buy Asrock H110m hdv but i heard that you have to update the motherboard so it support kaby lake can I update the motherboard using a flash usb from my friends laptop if that does not work can I tell the people who I got the motherboard from to update it for me will I need hard drive so they can update it for me? Or is it better to take the update from my from my flash I don't know if it will work please help this is important and thanks
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    Flashing from USB is not supported on this board. Have the people who you got motherboard to update it for you. No hard drive needed for that.
  2. So I only need to bring my motherboard so they can update it? How will they update it?
  3. It is made by putting SkyLake CPU into board so it boots, and then just update from file on USB stick.
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