Second opinion on selling laptop for nintendo switch

I own a alienware 17 2015 model. I normally use it for going to my friends house once a week. I do already own a beast gaming PC at home that I play online with my friend. So selling my laptop would only remove mobility. when I go to my friends house we go out for lunch and play card games now and the laptop is really only used for when my main PC is out of commission (to get make a windows boot disk to reset it). I'm very interested in getting a Switch but wouldn't allow my self to own a gaming laptop and a Switch as it would just be to much.

Should I Sell Gaming laptop for $1500 for $469 nintendo Switch Plus Games???
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  1. Could you give me a bit more than a no maybe a use or reason to keep your laptop as it doesn't get use
  2. it just personal opinion. no for me too, need keyboard and mouse.
  3. I am very interested in the new Zelda game as it looks very good but I can't play that on my laptop it dosent matter about keyboard and mouse vs Switch controls.
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    So you want to play Zelda, then there is no other option
  5. Fantasy_1 said:
    Could you give me a bit more than a no maybe a use or reason to keep your laptop as it doesn't get use

    As indicated by the other posters, if you want to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you don't need a second opinion - you need $469 for a Nintendo Switch and the game. While there are attempts at making 'Zelda' playable on PC, most of them either don't work or are borderline illegal.

    As for selling your laptop: If you can find someone willing to pay $1,500 for a 2015 Alienware, then by all means do that! With $1,000 left you can choose between several light-weight 'café cruisers' (aka ultrabooks) that are likely to be much more useable to you than a 17" gaming rig.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't recommend getting a Switch at this point. Besides Zelda, there's no other interesting game on the horizon and based on N's track record, i'd give it a year at least to get a better clarity on 3rd party support for the system. But in the end, it all boils down to how badly you want to play the game and whether it's enough for you personally to justify a console purchase. Whatever you end up deciding, sell the laptop for $1500 anyway cause that is a really sweet deal for a 2yr old laptop. Then you can either get a switch and save ~1000 or a gtx 1070 laptop which will last you a good while
  7. go ahead and sell it for a Nintendo, you will enjoy all that TV gaming I am sure.

  8. It depends on if you want to play zelda now or if you can wait. I normally wait until the summer or christmas to get tech products as this gives time for reviewers to say if the product is worth it or not. Also do you mind having to drop the graphics quality as I am sure that you alienware laptop will have a much better graphics quality than the switch.
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