Computer hard crashes every time I try to startup a game.

Almost every single time I try to start up a game, literally any game, my computer hard crashes and reboots immeadiately after. At first, the crashes would happen occasionally while casually playing Aion. Then it slowly progressed to crashing every time while loading into the game. While this was happening with Aion, I was still able to play other games like The Witcher, Rocket League, and League of Legends without any issues. Eventually the same thing started happening with Rocket League; my computer would crash and reboot upon loading, just before getting into the main menu. Once Rocket League became unplayable, pretty much all my games became unplayable as they would crash while starting them up. Now it even crashes while loading up Runescape and it'll frequently crash while using chrome. I've read different posts with people having the same issue but have seen a variety of answers and so I am not sure what is specifically causing my problem. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


MB: Asus Z97-A
CPU: intel i5-4690K
Power supply: EVGA 80+ gold 650w
Ram: 2x 8gb corsair vengeance DDDR 1600
120gb Kingston SSD

I am typing this on my phone so I apologize if the formatting is weird.
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  1. Tried playing of the igp? Means taking the gtx 970 out,test with games,even when needing to go on low settings.
  2. Vic 40 said:
    Tried playing of the igp? Means taking the gtx 970 out,test with games,even when needing to go on low settings.

    Yeah I've tried that and it would still crash. :(
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    You have the latest bios?
    You enabled XMP for best ram settings?

    Look at temps the imo nice following way,

    download hwinfo32,
    install and open it,
    check "sensors-only",
    click "run".

    keep an eye on this when playing a game.

    If clicking "logging start" at the bottom of that sensor window and choosing a name and place for the log,like "hwinfolog" at the "desktop",could you make a log that keeps existing,even when crashing.This can be opened with "libre office calc" (freeware) or Excel from microsoft.

    It might be that the cpu gets too hot so maybe look at that for now.The reason for what is suggested above.
    You could also just reinstal the cooler with fresh paste,see if that helps.
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