Is this a good overclock?

I've been overclocking my 6600k With My EVGA z170 FTW Motherboard. I am currently sitting at 4.6ghz at 1.304 Vcore. My CPU is air cooled by a Noctua U14S. Is 1.304 Safe for air cooling? And why are my temperatures only at 50c full load using AIDA64?
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  1. you're doing fine there.
    just don't go over 1.3v if you with air cooler, and try to keep it at below 75c under full load for the save point.
    ah... and for some input, you can use LLC (Load Line Calibration) to 50% or 75% to help with stability.
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    Good clocks and voltage (for 4.6GHz).
    Make sure you use Realtemp or CoreTemp. Don't use motherboard temp.
    1.3v is safe for these CPUs. There is no "safe voltage for aircooler" there is safe temp for CPU longevity overall, around 75c at highest core full load for extended periods of time.
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