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Is it true that CPU doesn't matter at high resolutions and it matters only in low resolutions? (While gaming or something similar). For example if I have an i3 6100 and a GTX 1060 6gb will it bottleneck in 1080p because GPU is stronger ?In higher resolutions like 1440p (or more) it will not bottleneck?
I have a friend that has i3 6100 and ASUS GTX 1060 6 GB and he has a monitor with max resolution 1680x1050. He says that in some games when they are running at ultra in max resolution he can see some shuttering and sometimes fps drop. If he will buy a new monitor with max resolution 1440p (or more) will he be able to play games more smoothly ?
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  1. Sort of. The higher the fps the higher the CPU load. Running higher resolution puts more load on the gpu reducing the fps, this gives the CPU more time between each frame to do its thing.
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    My experience is that increasing resolution puts more load on the videocard. It does not help the CPU because the CPU will be doing the same amount of work no matter what the resolution.

    Your friend's problem is likely this: At ultra or max settings certain options, like view distance, are CPU dependent as well as videocard dependent. He has a dual core with hyperthreading, not a quad core. So in some games ultra settings are too much for that CPU even at lower resolutions than the videocard can handle because the videocard is not the only thing determining how the game performs with that setting.

    edit: So no, getting a 1440p monitor won't help, it'll just put more load on the videocard and lower overall average framerate.
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