Laptop suddenly started going slow

**Not sure if this has already posted, just posting again to make sure**

Specs: 950m

I bought this laptop a little over a year ago now and it has been a spectacular purchase. It ran games at high FPS when I didn't expect it too and everything opened so quickly.

Fast forward a year and most games are lagging, a lot, and everything responds so slowly (i.e closing windows, opening windows/files)

I've tried the following:
-updating graphics card and processors through device manager
-downloaded most recent driver from nvidias website and installed it
-used CCleaner
-defragged hard drive
-deleted unneccesary tools and apps
-downloaded msi afterburner and set core clock and memory clock to +10/+18
-checked for malware, there was none

Noticed a few things that could be causing the problem though
-dust build up possibly
-google chrome has about 20 tasks running
-task manager is displaying that 40-50% cpu is being used and 55-60% memory being used. not sure if thats a good thing or bad but idle temp is around 60 degrees celcius and varies from 80-90 on games

if anyone has any idea why this might be happening please share, i might end up having to get a new pc/laptop, probably pc this time
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    I think your on track with regards to the overheating issue ... it is causing the cpu to throttle as it is overheating.

    Get an airpompressor and blow out the cpu inlet hole and see if getting the dust out of it helps.

    If that doesn't work then take it to a shop and get them to redo the thermal paste on the cpu and clean it properly.

    With the temps down the cpu should run better under load ... and not throttle.
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