PC to TV via HDMI - No Signal

Hi ,

I have a problem connecting my SP4 to TV via HDMI Cable.

TV model : Samsung K5579
SP4 Graphic card : Intel HD Graphics 520

When I try to connect my SP4 to the tv via hdmi I get connection for few seconds and then I get no signal message on the tv. After this message is shown there is no way to bring back the connection unless I turn off both the tv and the pc and turn them on again after several hours. Then the issue repeats itself. On the PC it is still showing that the tv is connected ( audio output can be changed either to tablet speakers or tv, but no sound is comming out of the tv ) , resolution can be changed ...

Things I tried so far trying to fix the Issue :

1. Change HDMI Port (TV)- Not working
2. Change HDMI Cable - Not working
3. Unistall graphics driver , restart pc , let windows install itself new driver - Not working
4. Install older graphics driver ( from 1.Oktober 2015 ) - Not working
5. Install the latest graphics driver ( from Intel webpage) - Not working
6. Update to the latest TV software version - Not working
7. Factory reset ( TV ) - Not working
8. Disable Hot plug switch ( TV ) - Not working
9. Try different resolutions - Not working

* I tried connecting different PC to the TV and it is working... The adapter (mini Displayport to HDMI ) that I am using is working as well.

I will be glad that if there is another solution to my problem.
Thanks beforehand !
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  1. The order you boot the PC and select the input on the TV can affect the way they "handshake". Which order will work varies depending on the PC and TV so what works on one combination may not on another. On my projector at home I boot the laptop and sometimes have to switch the input 2-3 times for it to work. On a different projector it only worked if I selected the input and then booted the laptop.
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    maybe just a poor tv for pc use and has compatibility issues with some devices ??

    and the more you look it up the issues seems to be real common with then samsungs ??
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