Faulty CPU heatsink or bad CPU?

Hi Guys,

I recently built a new rig with an i7 7700K together with a Cryorig H5 Universal heatsink as my first DIY project.

The problem I am facing is that during a stress test, the CPU temperature jumps up from an ambient temperature of about 34C to 70C within a few seconds, keeps climbing slowly and stabilizes in the low 80s. When I stop the stress test, the temperature again drops back very quickly to 40C within a few seconds. As a result of this high temperature, I am currently running the CPU without any overclock.

I have tried reinstalling the heatsink several times with new thermal paste reapplied each time but the situation remains the same.

Is this normal or should I see a temperature dip within a minute or two i.e. the heatsink cooling kicks in? If not, is this a heatsink or CPU issue?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Yes that's absolutely normal. You're pushing ~100watts through a space the size of your index finger nail. Actually it's probably closer to the size of your pinky finger nail. It's going to ramp up temp very quickly and then slowly climb as the surrounding material gets hot, until it hits its TDP. At that point it shouldn't go any higher (peak temp). Since it's so small it should very easily dissipate heat almost as if it never ran very very quickly.

    The 7700k is ridiculously hot and you need premium cooling. The R1 should do. I don't know the difference between the r5 and r1.
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