Trident Z RGB 3000 kit OC'ing

I'm wondering if maybe I'm doing it wrong.

I've looked up preset different types of ddr4 ram kits and tried all kinds of different frequencies and Cas timings from tight to loose Cas timings.

I can't seem to exceed 3200mhz from getting into the 100:133 ratio range.

Is there some magical setting im missing? Looking for a little information that might help. Maybe it's the command rate timing? I have been leaving that on auto. I'm not using BCLK overclocking. Would BCLK overclocking potentially help me break the 3200mhz 100:100 ratio barrier?

I understand the ram may not be able to, but I figure at least one setting might work between 3200 and the 3866 max my board says it supports.

Specs in Sig.
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    You will never get 3200 rated modules to run near 3866.
  2. I would assume it's due to binning. I've noticed the 100:133 (over 3200) ratio zone is much more expensive than a 100:100 ratio (3200 or less)

    I couldn't get it to run even a single step over 3200. Ah well you get what you pay for.
  3. Don't feel bad , they run at spec like most do.
  4. It is due to binning though generally right?
  5. For the most part , only a few rare sets can really be pushed.
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