My high end new GTX 1060 doesn't run games at ultra details and runs some old games at medium details

Hello people !
I'm still new to that amazing place :)
So glad to talk to such professionals , enthusiasts and experts !
I come from Egypt :)

I've bought an overall new PC with the following specs.
Intel Core i5-6400.
Team Eltie 8gb RAM.
Zotac GTX 1060 6gb.
Cooler Master B600 Power Supply.
2TB Hard Drive with 5400 RPM.

with a Miracle Case having two side fans one input and one output.
The avg temp of GPU is 40 Degree Celcius.
Also the processor is 38 Degree Celcius.

With all these specs.
I can run Assassin's creed 3 only at the normal (Lowest) Graphics.
I run Sniper Elite 3 only at Medium Graphics.
I run Starcraft 2 At High Graphics.

When I try to switch to a higher graphics , games get super stuttered and the FPS gets dropped so much . Some games really Hinge and must be closed.
Notebookcheck says that The latest release of assassin's creed : Syndicate runs at 83 frames per second at High Details with GTX 1060but with core i7 6700 . That game has really high graphics if I'm not wrong.

There's something about the previous CPU. It was intel core i5 6400 too . It was new . when I try to play any game with that new PC , games hinge and get terribly slow . It was abvious that the processor was the problem so I changed it . but now I find that games don't run properly :(

So what's the problem here guys :D ?
Hope I asked at the right place :)
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    Download the latest drivers from Nvidia, and save them.

    Then run the following tool in safe mode and wipe all drivers from every vendor.

    Then install the new drivers you saved.
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  2. That Really Helped . Thanks :)
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  3. Wheres that screenshot from?
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  4. ravioliraviloli said:
    Wheres that screenshot from?
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