Added a new GPU and PSU and now my computer crashes and restarts itself after 5-10 minutes of playing games. How do i fix?

Recently ive added a new PSU and GPU to my PC and now when i play video games for 5-10 minutes, my computer will completely crash and restart itself

Corsair CX750 power supply
Nvidia GeForce 660 Video Card
AMD A8 6600k Processor

I dont think the problem is overheating since i checked open hardware monitor and my temps are okay and ive completely dusted and cleaned my fans too, which didnt help.
i dont know much about computers so any advice for fixing this would be helpful. thanks
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    Corsair CX750 power supply

    This is most likely the culprit, it is extremely poorly rated and should be avoided in all builds, regardless of use.

    Sorry :( You need a high quality PSU - one that actually delivers the power it advertises. A high quality 500W PSU should power your PC without a problem.

    Seasonic 500W are reasonably priced and of unmatched quality.
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