What CPU cooler do I need for overclocking an i5 7600k?

I am planning to build a gaming PC with an i5 7600k and would like to overclock that. I have little experience with CPU coolers and dont know if the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is enough to keep it cool, or if I should go for the more expensive Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler. If none of these are useful, is there a better, more suitable option?
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    The more you spend, the faster you can go.
    How fast depends on your CPU - every one is different and some 7600k overclock much faster and easier than others - it is called the silicon lottery
    For your CPU, the 212 is enough for a very modest overclock, but the water cooler should be able to cope with much more.

    When making this decision myself, I always start by pricing a lower spec motherboard and a i5 7600
    Then I work out how many % faster and how much extra cost it is for a Z series motherboard and a 7600K and a cooler
    Then I work out how many % faster and how much extra cost by getting a really good cooler and going for a big overclock.

    Usually, the few % of extra speed from overclocking comes at a significant extra cost, and I ask myself, is it really worth it?
  2. Hyper 212 performs well and is good value. However... it's not the quietest cooler. So if you're pushing it hard, noise may be something to add to your consideration. H60 is not much of an upgrade from Hyper 212 for the extra $
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