Do i buy a whole new monitor or a 2nd of what i have?

Ok so lst year i bough a Smsung 23.5 Inch Monitor . I Think its a great monitor even though it is an EXTREMELY small curve. I was looking to get a 2nd this year after building a new PC but i found in with a new version. a 22 Inch monitor with a more curved panel for a a cheaper price.
My old one is currently around £141.90
The new on is £109.00

My issue is like in the title should i just buy one of my current ones or sell my current one and replace it with 2 of the 22inch models?
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  1. Are you still using the old 23" Monitor ?

    If not, then you can use them without buying a new one.

    A curved monitor make no difference in performance, but only increase the viewing angle.
    The 22" monitor is cheaper because, you know, it has smaller display panel on it. So that'll make them cheaper altough it has more curved panel.
  2. Te current one i have is a curved, sorry i didn't mention that the 23.5 was curved too.
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    Unless you specifically need two screens, I'd just get one bigger screen. Since the curve is so important to you I suggest going to see several models of monitor in person, so the next monitor you buy will have the exact curve you want.
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