Is it possible to test HDD's health status based on its performance benchmarks?

Can anyone advice if it’s possible to check HDD based on its performance benchmarks?
I have couple of HDD taken out from laptops, most of them are after SSD upgrade, but some of them has been changed because laptop become very slow because the HDD was worn out and very slow. Now they are mixed together and I don’t remember which one is which. Quite strange but all of them passed the SMART test, so that won't help, but I heard that you can check the health status of a hard drive based on its performance benchmarks, done in programs like HT Tunes. If yes, at what results I should be looking at? Is it write or read speed that I should be checking, or something else?
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    You can use Hard Disk Sentinel for that. It will give you the exact health status of each drive. Benchmark performance won't tell you the whole story because as a hard drive fills up with data, its performance decreases. So all the drives should be empty and even then each drive is different. Other drives have bigger RPMs, more cache memory, or bigger platters and all of these play a big role in the performance numbers that you'll get. So no you can't come to a conclusion about the health status of a hard drive, based on performance numbers alone.
  2. OK, I will give a try to Hard Disk Sentinel. Thanks
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