GTX 1050 Question: Best HDMI/DVI-D DualLink/DP to VGA adapter?

Long story short: I'm going to be getting a GTX 1050 for a build in the near future. However, the monitor I want to use (possibly for the most part) is VGA only (pretty old, I know). This GPU, however, has the aforementioned outputs. I already knew this when I did the research, but what I can't seem to find are non-questionable adapters. Analog to Digital needs power, but I can't find something that I can tell for 100% is legit.

My question to you:
Do you know of any HDMI/DVI-D Dual Link/DisplayPort Out (going from the GPU) to VGA (into the monitor) adapters that I could pick up? Thanks.

(P.S.: I know DVI-I is analog but the GPU has DVI-D)

EDIT: What I mean by questionable are things like this (no visible power adapter to convert the A -> D signal)
Generic Adapter #1
#2 (Legit?)
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