MSI Gaming APP turns off Front Power LED on PC case when booting into Windows

When i turn on my PC the Front Power LED is on, but when i type my password and log on to my account then the light turns off. I have the NZXT S340 case and my Motherboard is a MSI Gaming M3. When i uninstall MSI Gaming APP then the lights stays on like it should but when i install the app again then when i boot into windows then the light turns off again. I tried changing the LED setting in the app but it does not change the LED, the setting is currently on ON and the LED is off, and even when i change the setting to turn off the LED stays off.
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    Hi, if anyone else is having this problem i have found a fix. Go to the MSI Gaming App directory (where it is installed) and delete the application MSI_LED from the directory and restart your PC.
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