What's the problem with GTAV?

I've got a problem with this game and I'm not sure if it's my PC or something else. Anyway, let's get to the details.

So, I've played Prologue with 60-110 FPS on HIGH settings, everything was just fine and dandy, but after I finished it and entered the city, all hell broke loose. I can't play there at all, I get horrible stuttering down to the 3 FPS with everything on LOWEST. Some parts are slightly playable with 30 fps but then it goes back. I know that my PC is garbage tier, but still, I should get at least 30 FPS on lowest settings.

Also, my specs:

GTX 660 Ti
I3-530 @2.93 Ghz
4 Gb RAM
1080p resolution

Besides, I've checked some forums and people with similar PC's were able to play this game and I can't believe it, so that's why I'm asking, I just want to clarify this once and for all.
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    The prologue isn't nearly as intensive as the rest of the game. It takes place in a relatively small map with little to no interactable objects, building interiors, civilians, cars, AI paths, etc to render. Once you step into Los Santos, the CPU- and RAM-intensity of the game goes up by a longshot because it renders all of those to an exponentially higher degree.

    The i3-530 IS capable of running the game at a better framerate, but you must close absolutely every unnecessary task, process, application, etc in order to obtain it. It's a dual-core non-HT processor, so you really need to fight to clear up those cores so they can focus on the game.
  2. GTA V is a very CPU intensive game compared to others. That i3 may be capable, but for best performance, you should upgrade to an i5. The GTA V min cpu requirements specify a quad core for both intel and AMD. Another suggestion would be to upgrade the RAM. 4GB is not enough for gaming today. Also as ErikMcLeod said, the prologue is not an intensive part of the game. It takes place with few NPCs and not a lot of structures, but when you get to the city, things get way more intensive with the amount of different things happening.
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