need help: upgrading the graphics card of a XPS 8900 to be able to run coming games

i'm a bit confused and i'd like some help with an upgrade for my system. i'd like to upgrade my GTX 960 2gb to a more powerfull graphics card, i had 1060 or 1070 in mind.
i want to be able to run future games like (next 1-2 years) in an acceptable graphic setting(medium or higher).

here are some specs which i hope will clarify some things. i really want to avoid having a graph card which doesn't fit or has too much power draw or heat generation or somesuch that needs me to add or replace components of my current setup.

monitor: Dell UltraSharp 24 monitor | U2414H - 23.8 inch
ram: 24GB DDR4 (2x4GB+2x8GB)
memory: 2TB 7.2k HDD + 256GB M.2 SSD
graphics card: NV GTX 960 2G DDR5
processor: 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700K processor (8 M cache, tot 4,2 GHz)
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  1. We need to know your case size... Or just give the case brand name and model number...
    That way we can tell the dimensions you are working with...
  2. I also need to know your budget.... Do you have $300 to spend or $500?

    If you go with the 1060, you have to get the 6gb.... The 3gb will not beable to play games in 1080p in the next coming years.
  3. What power supply is inside your Dell? does it have PCI-Express power connectors (assuming it does for the 960)
  4. It appears you have a 460w power supply in that computer. Due to your limited power supply, the best upgrade you can do is a gtx 1060. It will fit and be compatible because your 960 fits. The gtx 1060 6gb will give you three times more vram and enable you to play the newest triple A titles on medium to high settings for 1-2 years.
  5. I re-read the OP and edited my post above.
  6. Dell XPS 8900

    i'm willing to go up to 500$.

    here are some things i just found out by downloading speccy

    Manufacturer Dell Inc.
    Model 0XJ8C4 (SOCKET 0)
    Version A00
    Chipset Vendor Intel
    Chipset Model Skylake
    Chipset Revision 07
    Southbridge Vendor Intel
    Southbridge Model Z170
    Southbridge Revision 31
    System Temperature 28 °C
    Brand Dell Inc.
    Version 2.1.3
    Date 20-Jan-16
    PCI Data
    Slot PCI-E Gen 3
    Slot Type PCI-E Gen 3
    Slot Usage In Use
    Data lanes x16
    Slot Designation SLOT1
    Characteristics 3.3V, PME
    Slot Number 0
    Slot PCI-E Gen 3 x4
    Slot Type PCI-E Gen 3 x4
    Slot Usage Available
    Data lanes x4
    Slot Designation SLOT3
    Characteristics 3.3V, PME
    Slot Number 1
    Slot PCI-E Gen 3 x4
    Slot Type PCI-E Gen 3 x4
    Slot Usage Available
    Data lanes x4
    Slot Designation SLOT4
    Characteristics 3.3V, PME
    Slot Number 2
  7. SGt, is right, (I didn't see your computer in the topic thread sorry).

    With 460 wats, you are kinda limited...

    As far as not upgrading because it is only 1 generation... I HIGHLY DISAGREE.

    The 1060 is virtually 2x as effective in every category, normally these effects take multiple generations to acquire, but within 1 generation Nvidia has created a monster....

    In all I would say you need a new psu at a later date, and go for the 1060 6gb.... That is more than enough and only 1 upgrade needed...

    Your psu will be getting a little taxed, so you might not see all the performance gains you should...
  8. Can you post a picture of the inside of the computer also?
  9. In that case I would suggest doing the following, Upgrade Mobo, from the generic dell.... Upgrade GPU to 1060 6gb... And in the future upgrade the PSU.
  10. Now that he stated he'd spend $500, my suggestion would be to purchase a power supply and pair it with a gtx 1070. That would give him the best graphics performance for $500.
  11. so the 1060 6gb is the way to go then.

    i wanna double confirm this: so it will fit because my 960 2gb graph card fits in my pc and the 1060 has roughly the same demands? and it'll let me play the coming 1-2 years in a decent graph setting?

    i'm not concerned about running the game at extreme graph settings. i don't have such an obsession. as long as i can run games optimally on medium i'll be happy.

    ps: it's my first time replacing a part of my desktop and that's why i wanna be sure of everything
  12. The two reasons I don't suggest a 1070 is 1 his mobo is very outdated....
    2, if he is going to upgrade again in 2-3 years, no reason to get a top of the line card... the 1060 6gb will be more than enough for 2-3 years, so don't spend money when you don't need too...

    should be plenty more on that at the dell forums from guys using dell's

    bad part is dealing with a dell to start with and best check on that bios deal as well
  14. SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM 550W ($59.99)

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition ($449.99)

    Total = $509.98

    The reason I went with the founders edition is because it has a blower style cooler. That's the type of cooling you'd need for that case because it exhausts all the gpu heat out the back of the graphics card.
    The GTX 1070 graphics card length is 10.5 inches. Just measure the gap inside the case to see if it will fit.
  15. Best answer
    Yes you will fit the 1060 into the current mobo with no issues what so ever.

    If you plan on keeping that mobo, then I suggest a new PSU...

    I run a 1060 and I can play virtually every game at ultra settings... You will love the card, and it does not overheat easily.
    A 1070 is better, but for price the 1060 is king. and it will hold you longer than 1-2 years if you need it too.
  16. thx for the quick answers and all the support guys. i'll get the 1060.

    ps: what's a good site to look for desktop tower(in case i need a new one in 4 years or so)
  17. To help you decide between a 1060 and 1070, here are the spec differences...

    The difference between a 9602gb and a 1060 6gb is 80-100%...
    The difference between a 9602gb and a 1070 8gb is 100-125%...

    Personally with that difference I would go with the 1060 due to price, but if you want a graphics card for many years to come, go with the 1070 8gb...

    What ever you do, do not go below 5gb on a GPU.
  18. A good cheap tower is a DIYPC, I am using the ATX tower white, comes with 2 fans, and if you comp has fans that are additional to the CPU fan, you can easily upgrade....

    Use and add all your parts to the build, then add your case, it will tell you if everything fits... That is the easiest way to find a good case....

    You shouldn't have to spend more than $60 on a case....
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