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How to backup chrome bookmarks in android?

Is there any way to backup Android Chrome bookmarks in sd card without root. And I don't want to sync to google account.

Please help me.
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  1. You cant access the bookmarks without root.

    Why do you refuse to use the google account sync?
  2. Actually is there any privacy leak in using google sync?
  3. Not any more then using chrome browser to begin with.

    Bottom line it does not matter what browser you use or what OS someone is going to track your browsing.
    I would rather know that it is going to google and what their sharring policy is, vs not knowing where it is going (and who else is being sold the unfiltered info)
  4. So, should I use the google sync because I don't have any other options?
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    Pretty much.

    Google already knows which websites you are going to and frequency, so the fact that you have them bookmarked is irrelevant for "privacy" concerns.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Going to use Google sync.
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