Secondary SSD (Games only) Disappears?

Hello! I have had quite the conundrum happen to me today. I reinstalled Windows and wiped all of my drives (3 total), and reformatted all of them for this fresh install. I installed all of the drivers (except the chip-set because i forgot to during the driver install phase) and got all of the basic drivers from my motherboards website, (ASUS ALPHA MAXIMUS Viii). After getting all of my drivers installed, I got Steam and filled the drives with a random assortment of games, and this is where I had an issue. I was downloading a game, and remembered about my chip-set drivers i forgot to install from before. I installed the driver only to have it hang, and I force shutdown the system due to the idle time going past 15min. After the reboot, the chipset installed correctly, but the secondary SSD completely disappeared.
I have tried Disk Management,
I have tried unplugging every other drive, forcing a reformat of the broken disk but the disk did not show up in the Windows Installation Tool.

I realize i might have fried the drive from the power cycle but I was just curious on if there was any way to save this SSD. Thanks !!!
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    I fixed it by updating the BIOS via the in-BIOS internet downloader. Very handy tool! I would guess that clearing the CMOS would also fix this problem :)
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