system boot issues after kitten restarted PC

Hi, I rarely get a problem that I cant fix but this one is new. my kitten was running around my room and jumps onto my pc tower pressing power button causing it to shut down. I kicked my kitten out of my room and restarted my PC. But instead of it booting and going to the login menu, I instead got a error 0xc0000225 and my PC no longer detected my boot SSD. I have tried every basic troubleshooting idea with no luck, any ideas would be great.

things I have tried:
Using win 10 boot disc to repair pc
sfc scannow
checked volumes and it showed everything except my boot ssd
trying repair startup
reseting bios battery
trying to boot with just my boot ssd makes it go into a endless win 10 loading screen loop
trying with one drive at a time with my boot ssd
tested other cables
tried diskpart but didnt detect boot
repair rootbc

cant even reset the drive as its not detected :/
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  1. Is your SSD detected in BIOS?
    If not, then your SSD might be dead.

    If yes, then try this tutorial:
  2. It's not being detected by bios but under "refresh your pc" under the install dvd says "can not refresh as boot drive is currently locked. unlock first" So does that mean my PC at least detects my drive in some way? its the only thing that may have detected it..
  3. Is it Intel SSD ?
    Those have a feature to lock the SSD, when all writing cycles have been exhausted.
  4. it's a corsair neutron series
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