Help! PC fans turn on, but doesn't boot to monitor!

AS title says, the PC turns on but no image on screen.

I have a 6600k wanted to add OC to 4.4 ghz.
1070 g1 gaming
8 gb 2400 mhz ram
500 w psu
6 LED Case Fans
Arctic Liquid cooler 120mm
pny 500 gb SSD

One day computer just wouldnt start.. GPU and CPU fans spun, nothing on monitor. Monitor works, play ps 4on it. Fans all come on and then one by one turn off after awhile. I pulled gpu and ram to test.. BIOS loaded once but froze and fans turned off one by one again.

tried paper clip test. CD drive spun and one Case fan.

Whats going on?

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  1. Power supply, or motherboard, I'd say.
    A local pc shop might help in identifying the defective part.
  2. I think its the power supply honestly, as I did a calculator for my OC and setup and it was right at 500W. Gonna order a new Power supply and case as I wanted to do that anyways
  3. Please post back the result.
  4. alexoiu said:
    Please post back the result.

    so I tried booting with the new power supply. MAde it through cpu and stopped on ram.. realized it wasw in the wrong slot so i reslotted. next boot made it past cpu and ram and vga (nice thats where it would stop with last power supply) but now it makes it to boost device LED and stays red. screen boots with no GPU and am unable to press f1 to start. Is this a hard drive issue? i have a pny 480gb ssd
  5. If removing the SSD and starting the pc, are you able to access the BIOS?
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