Can I run it maxed out

Wanna know if i can run Train simulator 2017 with maxed out graphics on Desktop AMD-FX series 8GB memory , NVIDIA GeForce GT -710 2TB hard drive with 1 GB dedicated graphics
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    Maybe not fully maxxed but should run it very well.
  2. GT 710 is a potato with a DVI port on the back.

    Okay, it can run, but I'm saying you're getting crappy value for money. If you're buying new, you'd be served pretty well with an Intel offering and using integrated graphics.
  3. On the Steam forums there's a post about how even high end computers can't run this game maxed out at a good framerate. A 710? No, I'd say it's a safe bet you'll need to lower both the resolution AND settings to play this game at a playable framerate.
  4. Weird the recommended specs are so low? Wonder what the deal is
  5. What I meant to say was will it also be able to play with dynamic lighting on, not fully maxed at more then 15fps, my current pc is really slow with it on and even with it off still at 15fps. Now with the PC specs I listed previous email, will it run smooth past 15fps?
  6. I've never played it so all I can go by is the recommended specs. Which you would meet. The 710 is a turd but it does meet their recommended specs and well above requirements
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