Gigabyte R9 380 {2GB} fan is failing, should I replace the fan or get a whole new gpu?

Hello, as the title says I have a Gigabyte R9 380 gpu and had it for about a year, and recently I noticed that the fan near the back of the case makes a ticking sound when the speeds go at or above 50%.

This is my first graphics card I ever own so I am not sure how to replace the fan or even if I can replace the fan on an aftermarket cooler.

What are your guy's thoughts? Thanks
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    Depends what you're using it for, if for light gaming, just replace the fans. But for more heavy gaming, I'd say get a new card since the 2 gig Vram will pull you behind. IF the new card is your case I'd say an RX 470 or 480 since they just had price drops anyway.
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