OS won't detect my hard drive but bios does (HDD has been in computer for a while)

Hi, so the other day I was playing GTA 5 and suddenly the screen just froze so I hit the reset button on the case and this is when all thing went down. It was restarting forever so I held down power button and rebooted. It takes longer to boot now and half the things on my desktop are gone or are just white and everytime i right click the whole thing just freezes. And I went into file explorer and my SSD is there but my HDD is gone. But on the bios it still shows my HDD. Helpp
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  1. Does the HDD show it's proper model number and capacity or is it showing 0 size or some really small size? Also, what model is it? Some HDDs have firmware glitches that will cause them to get stuck busy a few seconds after power on which might explain why the BIOS sees it but not the OS.
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