new build, flickering pixels/ terrible graphics.

So, I just bought/ built a brand new pc. I5 7600k cpu, gtx 1060 gpu, asus z270-ar mother board 16 gigs of ram. Also got all of the other components just too lazy to list them. Bought a new asus mg248q monitor with it as well. Long story short, it should be a massive upgrade from my old gtx 670 laptop, right? well just to test i pulled up a game of LoL and weird elongated pixels a flashing from my champ/minions to a localized spot in the lower left corner of my screen. Other games and even youtube videos have flashing pixels, which are more vivid when the coloring of the display is dark hues. On top of that internet text looks crappy, especially the tabs on my browser (mozilla). I'm new to pc building and know even less about software. had no problems during installation/start up. I was really looking forward to the better/crisper graphics i was promised. Yes i believe i have all the proper drivers installed as well.
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