Will this Graphics card work with my motherboard?

I have an asus am1m-a mobo and I'm looking for a new graphics card . I have my eyes on this one (Gigabyte Radeon Rx 460 Windforce OC 2GB GDDR5) My case is a Tesseracht Sw Cool Mid and processor is AMD Athlon 5350. Is the graphics card going to be bottle necked and will it fit?
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  1. It should work with the board, but the PCIe x16 slot is only x4 lanes. So even the RX-460 will be held back a bit. And yes, there will be some CPU bottleneck in some games at some moments. But going with less card will probably mean less performance as well.
  2. Will it fit in my case?
  3. Will it fit I. My case and THANK YOU for the fast response
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    It will fit, that's a standard case.

    This video, at the end, shows that CPU paired with a fast videocard. Some games are playable but the CPU is going to limit you to essentially 30fps level of gameplay. Is it worth it? Only you can say. You WILL be able to play a lot games but not at 60fps.
  5. I can play CSGO with 60 frames now with my processor (AMD Athlon 5350) and my Graphics card (AMD Radeon ATI 5450) will buying a Gigbabyte Radeon RX 460 be a down step or a upward step?
  6. User1738 said:
    Will it fit in my case?

    It will easily fit your case. The case accepts cards up to 310mm in length.
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