Palit GTX 1060 Dual - Fan Disable Feature

I have just purchased a Palit GTX 1060 Dual 6 GB version. I would have thought that all 1060s have the fan auto disable feature when temps are low..

In desktop my temps are only 20 degrees Celsius but the fan continues to be switched on and operate at 25% performance.

Is there something wrong with my VGA or maybe this particular 1060 from Palit does not provide this fan auto disable feature like the other 1060s ? Could not find anything in their website or on the web about this.

Any ideas appreciated.
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  1. you can check the fan curve on palit software to be sure.
  2. fabiodrm - thanks - already checked through Palit's Thunder Master Utility. Fan curve lowest point seems to be 25%. No option to switch on/off the fan for when temps are below a certain point.

    So I was wondering whether this on/off fan feature should be common to all 1060s or not. Have some manufacturers opted not to have it on their cards and keep fan switched on throughout even at very low temps ?
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