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Hi guys i posted last night in the gpu section only to quickly figure out my cpu is bottlenecking and my gpu is fine. I have a amd 8320 and a 990 extreme mobo and a 960 gtx my question is should i change to intel for better performance? any recomendations for mobo and cpu i have a budget of $700 AUD thanks in advance.
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  1. Kaby Lake (i7-7700K) or Ryzen 7 1700 will work. The former will work much better in gaming but the latter crushes it in desktop productivity. Either way, I'd wait since prices might see significant changes.
  2. You will get a performance gain switching from the FX 8320 to an Intel i7 7700K, but if you stick with the GTX 960 you are only going to see a 10% performance increase. The 3DMark synthetic benchmark is a pretty decent utility for gauging in-game performance. You can go to this link, set the CPU, GPU fields, and set the Number of GPU's to 1.

    FX 8320 = FX-8320&gpuName=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

    i7 7700K = Core i7-7700K&gpuName=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

    Buying an RX 480 will give you a 13.5% increase in performance for only $164.98,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

    FX 8320 w/ RX 480 = FX-8320&gpuName=AMD Radeon RX 480
  3. Thanks for that eidolon but im not really looking for performance i get a good 100 fps but in certain instaces i get 1-20 in Rust and i think this is due to the cpu being bottlenecked im no expert but i did have a post over in the gpu section and people said genrally it would be the cpu
  4. i tried all of the steps except the core unpacker as i already did that and i actually lost frames (from 101 to 40) and it made it worse. not sure as to what i should be doing or am doing wrong.
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    I wasn't familiar with Rust until today, but I see that it is built off of Arma. And I'm honestly not surprised you're having trouble. I am familiar with Arma, and it is notorious for it's poor hardware optimization. It's true that this game engine is highly demanding on the CPU, but I'm afraid you're being steered in the wrong direction. A cursory glance tells me that Rust players commonly experience massive drops in framerates on even Intel's best CPU's because of server issues.

    I personally wouldn't suggest you go out and spend a lot of money on a whole new rig. I suspect that if you went out and got an i7 6900K, you'd have better average FPS, but that you'd still be getting these nasty frame drops just as frequently.

    High pings are known to reduce FPS in mmo gaming. What Download speed are you buying from your internet service provider? How many Mbps are you actually pulling down?
  6. i have cable from telstra 12ms ping 36.31 mbps d/l 1.18 u/l maybe its like you said there is nothing to be done and ill just have to wait for it to be optimized
    just wanted to say a big thank you to you eildolon171 not only have you helped me understand some things but have saved me a lot of money
    as well thank you very much.
  7. You're welcome goldgiz. Your latency and Download speeds are great, but the Upload speed is being strangled. Maybe there are better internet packages you could buy, or better yet a new router and higher quality cabling might be enough to coax more Bandwidth. I have a 50Mbps BW internet subscription from the local power company, and a TP Link ac1900 router. Outside of peak times I can pull down 400Mbps UP/DOWN on the Cat6 wired connection, and 200Mbps UP/DOWN on wifi. I have a similar system to yours (FX 9590 & R9 280X/Firepro W5000), I don't game much but I do stream solid modeling from work, and upgrading my router from a Belkin n600, and upgrading from At&t's 20Mbps internet to my new 50Mbps internet made all the difference in the world.

    If you decide to go this route, private message me and I'll try to help you come up with a solution.
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