GTX 1070 AMP! EXTREME Edition overclocking Problem


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I used Zotac firestorm to overclock the GPU and i did uninstall MSI Afterburner before installing Firestorm

1. The problem here is if i went over +300 i would see crashes and sometimes the benchmarks won't start at all and increasing the voltage doesn't help either. Btw the power limit is maxed. Another note is I don't have any performance increase at all

2. When i start up the PC my overclocking configurations will not be applied until i load them my self even if I checked it in the settings and the it will not load correctly like the voltage will be still locked.

Should I reinstall MSI Afterburner?


is there another way to solve this? because i really want the lighting config to stay on.
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    That means that's as high of an overclock as you can get if it causes errors. Just stop at that number and you're fine.

    You have to look at it realistically. You're only really gaining a few extra frames per second.
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